There are many places near Stanford that students visit to do shopping. Here are some nearby areas that are popular for groceries, household supplies, and more. Click on the locations on the map to find out what they are!

Easily accessible via Bike

Marguerite Shuttle stop

  1. Trader Joes in Town and Country Village. Main grocery shopping store for grad students. As most TJ’s, not many name-brand items.
  2. San Antonio Shopping Center. Contains a Walmart, Target, Safeway, Trade Joe’s, Kohl’s, pharmacies, and several restaurants. Great boba (Teaspoon) nearby.
  3. Safeway on Sand Hill. Small supermarket close to West side of campus. Contains name-brand groceries and household items.
  4. Safeway on El Camino. Larger supermarket in Menlo Park.
  5. 99 Ranch Market. Chinese supermarket with cheap produce. All the pocky you can eat.
  6. Whole Foods Market. Expensive organic shopping experience. Small upscale grocery store.
  7. IKEA. Furniture at a Swedish bargain price. Their meatballs are baller.
  8. Grocery Outlet Bargain Market. Cheap groceries (“Bargain”). However, not the greatest variety of produce (“Outlet”).
  9. Costco Wholesale. Membership required. Lots of high-quality and high-volume goods at decent prices. Everything comes in bulk.
  10. Stanford Shopping Center. High-end shopping mall (Apple, LV, Burberry, Muji, Macy’s..) with many food options (Poke, Udon, Bakeries…).
  11. California Ave. Farmer’s Market. Sundays 9am-1pm on Cal Ave. Great seasonal produce selection from various local farms. Cat adoption stalls. What more do you need?
  12. Stanford Student Affair’s Farmer’s Market. ON CAMPUS Tuesday’s from 10am-2pm at Tressider Student Union. Includes Locally grown organic fruits and vegetables and other products such as honeys and preserves, breads and spreads. More info: