Did you know that housing at Stanford is…
  • guaranteed,
  • heavily subsidized,
  • has free laundry
  • and that there are a lot of different options to suit your needs and preferences?

There are several types of housing (i.e. singles, roommates, couples, family) and neighborhoods. Check out the Stanford housing website here for a full list of available locations most up-to-date rent.

Each neighborhood is unique, and there are Community Associates (CAs) for each neighborhood that host events weekly – it’s a great way to meet your neighbors! Below is a bit more info about what we think the vibe is of each neighborhood (in case you’re contemplating what to pref on your housing app!).


Very social, has lounges and volleyball courts

Escondido Village (EV)

Biggest neighborhood, newest construction, also has family housing and a lot of green space


Super nice, pretty quiet


Super nice, a lot of law students live there, close to Shriram and the student union, pretty quiet


Also very nice, a lot of medical students live there, close to Shriram, pretty quiet

Off-campus housing

Once upon a time, Stanford didn’t have enough apartments on-campus for students, so they subsidized off-campus apartments. That era is coming to an end, but if you aren’t impressed by the on-campus housing options, here are some websites that you can look for other apartments: 

If you want to save money, look further north (San Carlos or Redwood City) or south (Sunnyvale, Santa Clara), just make sure you consider how you’ll get to campus!

A sneak peek below at how you can deck out out your space. An example of a grad student’s apartment in couples housing.