Stanford hosts a wide variety of outreach and community service events and activities.  A few of the programs that ChemE grad students participate in most commonly include: LABScI, Splash, EPATT, Bay Area GPS, FAST, STAR, and Science Penpals.  Many more can be found at the following sites:

Student Organizations

The variety of student organizations present on campus include religious, ethnic, community service, martial arts, performing arts, recreational, and wellness groups.  Check out the complete list of organizations here:

Athletics & Recreation

All Stanford sporting events (football, volleyball, baseball, soccer, etc.) are totally free for students to attend!  Find the game schedules here:


If you’re interested in playing sports and not just watching them, ChemE also has its own intramural teams that you can join!  Check out the list of IM sports options here:

In addition, Stanford has a wide variety of group fitness recreational classes, ranging from yoga and F45 to rock climbing and gymnastics (although note that a fee is charged for most of these classes and fitness passes):

Finally, Stanford’s Outdoor Center has a lot of rental equipment available for camping, skiing, water sports, etc.

Music & Performing Arts

There are a lot of concerts and other performances to check out both on campus (see Stanford Live‘s website, including the yearly Frost Music Festival) and off campus at nearby venues (for example, the Shoreline Amphitheater and TheatreWorks).

You can also get involved in performing arts yourself!  Check out Stanford’s Theater & Performance Studies or local orchestras such as the Palo Alto Philharmonic for a few possibilities.