Mason Lectures are around the corner, and this year we are introducing a new feature: Mason Lecture Student-Alumni Lab Tours

There are so many alumni and “friends of Stanford” that come to the Mason Lecture, making it an opportune time to connect these folks with you all in the department! We are looking for graduate student volunteers to each take a small group of visitors on a tour of their research lab, Shriram, and any other areas of the SEQ that might be of interest. We will do our best to match alumni interest with your field of research. 

Why should you do it? Because you get to… (1) meet cool people, (2) talk about your science to cool people, and (3) cultivate a greater sense of community within the ChemE department. Wouldn’t you want to be welcomed back as an alumni and talk to students? 

Tours will occur from 2:30-3:30pm on Wednesday, May 8th, just before the Mason Lecture and poster session.  

Please fill out this short form by 11:59pm on Monday, April 29th if you are interested! Feel uncomfortable doing it alone? We can match you, or you can partner with, another grad student.

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