Regardless of funding source, you can expect to be paid by the 15th of the first month of the quarter (those months are October, January, April, and  July for the Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer quarters respectively). If your stipend does not appear on Axess by those dates, then contact ChemE Student Services. (Michelle Brunner,

All stipend amounts below are for the 2019-2020 academic year.

Stanford ChemE RA (Research Assistantship): $43,824 (independent of Cardinal Care coverage)

Note on Cardinal Care: The department doesn’t pay directly for Cardinal Care, but the School of Engineering (SoE) provides an option for 50% off the premium charge. This option has no cash value: it’s worth exactly 50% of the Cardinal Care premium cost should you enroll, and it’s worth nothing otherwise, kind of like a coupon. If you choose to have Cardinal Care coverage, you pay the other 50% out of pocket. The department therefore doesn’t actually pay students enrolled in Cardinal Care any extra than those who waive it – their compensation is just larger because they exercised the insurance option.

SGF (Stanford Graduate Fellowship): $46,000 (independent of Cardinal Care coverage)

The same note on Cardinal Care applies as for the Stanford ChemE RA above.

NSF: $41,554 – $43,824 (See table below.) NOTE: This information is for the 2018-2019 cycle. We will update when we have more recent information.

The NSF stipend is $34,000/year for all recipients. As this amount is lower than the Stanford ChemE RA, this amount is supplemented. First, the School of Engineering (SoE) health fee is covered ($217/quarter, $868/year). Second, if you accept Cardinal Care, this full expense will be covered (half is subsidized by the University, and the other half ($651/quarter or $2,604/year) is paid for by the SoE). If you waive this amount, SoE gives a stipend of $658/quarater ($2,632/year). (Note there is a $28 discrepancy between accepting and waiving Cardinal Care.) Lastly, the department provides an incentive for students to apply for external fellowships like NSF. For students who come to Stanford having already received NSF, they receive $6,124/year while students who are awarded NSF after they have matriculated at Stanford receive $4,082/year, which is distributed in the Spring quarters.

Awarded NSF prior to arriving:
Accept Cardinal Care
Awarded NSF prior to arriving:
Waived Cardinal Care
Awarded NSF at Stanford:
Accept Cardinal Care
Awarded NSF at Stanford:
Waived Cardinal Care

NSF Stipend (Base)

SoE Health Fee

Cardinal Care (from SoE)
ChemE Dept. Supplement$6,124$6,124$4,082$4,082
Total Financial Support$43,596$43,624$41,554$41,582

NOTE: This NSFinformation is for the 2018-2019 cycle. We will update when we have more recent information.


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