The Chemical Engineering Graduate Student Action Committee, as its name implies, is a group of Chemical Engineering graduate students working to improve the Stanford Chemical Engineering graduate school experience. Primarily, the Action Committee looks to represent the interests of ChemE Master’s degree and doctoral students in interactions with the Stanford Chemical Engineering Department. Additionally, the Action Committee sponsors and coordinates a variety of academic, social, and professional events, including:

  • Academic development information sessions including new student orientation panels and qualifying exam preparation (prequalifying exam preparation depreciated)
  • Faculty luncheons for first year students
  • Social gatherings including academic milestone celebrations and summer barbecues
  • Student sponsored colloquia featuring student-selected speakers invited to discussing their cutting edge research
  • General interest seminars about topics from copyright law in the digital era to the development of Gardasil
  • Intramural sports in collaboration with the Chemical Engineering team, the Shriram Shredders (formerly the Gazebo Gorillas)

The Action Committee typically meets twice a quarter to discuss the welfare of the department, plan for any upcoming events, and work on specific action items. The committee’s members include the following:

  • Four executive officers elected by the ChemE graduate student population at large: President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary
  • One representative from each ChemE research group
  • Two or more representatives of the first year class
  • Additional voting members at large, other ChemE grad students who wish to be involved in the committee

Each voting member of the Action Committee volunteers to take charge of a couple of specific tasks, such as fundraising, organizing the student sponsored colloquia, hosting information sessions, planning parties, or maintaining the Action Committee website. Get to know our current members at the Members page.

The Action Committee is always interested in new opportunities and programs, so don’t hesitate to bring up your great ideas at our next meeting!